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To Provide basic awareness for COVID-19 in rural areas and arm the villagers with basic amenities to fight COVID -19

Free Medical Consultations in rural areas spreading COVID-19 awareness and First Aid for Covid patients
to curb the spread of the deadly virus in villages

Arm the villagers with basic amenities to fight COVID-19. Provide them masks, sanitizers, soaps etc

Help the COVID patients with free medical consultation, Wellness kit, Oxygen as well as Dry food and Ration.

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Who Are We?

Covid-19 has reached rural India, snuffing out lives. Already impoverished and deprived of basic amenities, the villages are living a nightmare. As bloated bodies float in the rivers, there’s fear of disease outbreaks among the village folk. 13 states in India report that new cases in rural areas have outnumbered those in urban areas.

Khanpur Village

India never ceases to amaze. Long ago, my ancestors came here from a far off land and made this incredible country their home. I can only be grateful for their decision...

Discovered something beautiful about Khanpur. Despite its name, the village has just one Muslim household. The rest are Hindus. For a lone Muslim family to live in a village inhabited by 3500 Hindus in a state like Uttar Pradesh is quite rare.

The Hindus have always stood by Syed Umar 's family, protected them, made them feel loved and honoured. The vile communal politics of Uttar Pradesh has made no impact here.

I asked Syed Umar to send me pictures of the quaint Hanuman Mandir that I had heard about. The Pandit ji got to know about my request and posed with such elan. 🙂

I have fallen in love with Khanpur and so long to visit this beautiful village. Please don't ever change, Khanpur ❤️

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Shara Ashraf's Story About Khanpur

Shah Abdul Azeez was the only landlord of Khanpur village, Ballia district, Uttar Pradesh. His youngest son, fondly called Raja Babu, gave of charity with both hands, true to his name. He also advised one and all, sometimes unasked. In that turbulent time, almost every educated Muslim dreamt of being king in the would-be kingdom, Pakistan.
It’s hard to say whether Raja Babu’s family was bitten by the Pakistani bug or the fear of communal riots. Daily prayers were performed and fakirs liberally given alms in supplication for safe passage.
On the fateful night, the large family arrived at the nearest railway station by dim lantern light from different directions, to keep the secret from the Hindus. The wait for the train turned traumatic. Raja Babu was to take them by the Benares-Chhapra train to Calcutta from where they would sneak into East Pakistan by ‘gardania passport’ (pushed across by the neck) by the sentries for a small fee.
Of course, the train was late: 12 am, not 10 pm. The men secretly watched the signal and kept telling the impatient women, “Thodi der aur hai” (just a bit longer).
The women, hushing their crying babies, could barely see from their burqas. Suddenly, the uncomfortable silence was broken by familiar voices: “Ye mian bhaiyya, kahan jaat bara log? Tohar logan ke baal baka nai hoi. Jahna tohar pasina giri wahna hamni ke khoon giri.” (O Muslim brothers, where are you going? No one can harm you one bit. Where your sweat falls, there shall our blood).
Balkishan Pathak, Shivnarayan Pathak, Ramgovind Pathak and Sitaram Tiwari all took their turbans off their heads, placed them at the feet of my grandmother, Bibi Ayesha, and entreated them to come back home. Thereupon they all did, tearfully, cheerfully. I was in my mother's womb, then. Ever since we have lived in love and peace with our Hindu brethren. But for the great love of the Brahmins of our village, we would have either been lost in transit or become muhajirs, instead of proudly living at home.

Syed Ashraful Huda

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Every day we bring real hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places as a sign of God’s unconditional love

Run it forward official charity

Every day we bring real hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places as a sign of God’s unconditional love

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